News and Announcements

Great weekend at Lagoon Valley! First off, thank you to all the parents who drove, brought food/drinks and cheered on the athletes. Also, thanks to the athletes who were out there supporting their teammates on the course and carrying the flag to the top of Big Mama. Good job on that!

Highlights of the meet are many!

Jonah (4th in 16:09) and Ashley (14th in 20:02) ran the fastest CKM times ever for the 3 mile Lagoon Valley Course.

FS Girls: 2nd overall out of 15 teams, only 12 pts out of first. Megan won in 14:07, Sydney 4th (14:27), Justine 7th (14:36), Quincy 26th (15:40) and Camille 28th (15:41). All 5 are now ranked in the top 15 CKM times on this course.

FS Boys: 9th out of 32 teams. Erik made the CKM top 15 list with a 12:52, 23rd place out of 321 runners, followed by Matt in 12:58, Alex in 13:22, Jake in 14:12 and Nelson in 14:14.

V Girls: 12th out of 21 teams. Ashley led the way with a 20:02, fastest CKM ever on this course. Followed by Sophia (20:46 and the 4th fastest CKM time ever), Ally (24:09), Melanie (25:18) and Maryn (25:25).

V Boys: 3rd out of 27 teams and 3rd fastest overall team time at the meet (small and large school divisions combined). Jonah led the way with a 16:09 (fastest CKM time ever by 33 seconds), followed by Amos in 16:43, Stephen in 16:54, Jose in 17:07 and Marcos in 17:34. All 5 athletes made the CKM top ten list with the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th fastest CKM times ever on this course.

JV Warriors: 5th out of 21 teams. Christian led the way with 12:52, followed by Mark in 12:55, Xavier in 13:24, Shelby in 13:39 and Brian in 14:12.

Most Improved over last year’s’ time goes to Riley 1:32 improvement and Lauren Stiles, 1:18 improvement. Other improvements include: Quincy :52, Shelby :52, Megan :38, Xavier :32, Marcos :13, Mark :12 and Jose :01.

Great job everyone! Keep up the good work!

Monday is the start of the official Cross Country season. Practice this week will be Mon.-Thur., 6:30-8:30am at the CKM track. Practice is mandatory. Please be sure to have all of your required paperwork completed.

Conditioning will be Mon.-Thur. @ 6:30am through the summer. Athletes must have all their paperwork completed, including a physical before they can participate. We will meet at the McClatchy track. The best place to drop off athletes is near the corner of 17th and Bidwell. Athletes need a good pair of running shoes and a water bottle.

Cross Country camp this summer will be August 15th to the 18th.