Jesuit/Davis Invite Recap

Posted by McClatchy Lions Cross Country /Track and Field on Sep 11 2016 at 06:23PM PDT

Varsity Girls: 6th of 14. Clarissa had a huge PR and destroyed the CKM course record, with a converted time of 17:46. She finished 2nd overall by 0.1 seconds. Esmeralda and Justine had improvements of 23 and 40 seconds per miles over their previous races.

Varsity Boys: 2nd of 17. Jonah also had a huge PR and CKM course record of 15:44. * Amos* (16:00), Derek L. (16:16) and Marcos (16:41) also had PRs. The top 5 also broke the CKM team time record at Granite (Jonah, Amos, Derek, Stephen and Marcos).

FS Girls: Quincy and Camille led the way with 15:20.5 and 15:20.6. Quincy improved by 33 sec./mile over her time last year and Camille by 2 sec/mile over her previous best. Lauren Shintaku ran 18 sec./mile better than her last race and Paige gets the most improved with 39 sec./mile faster than her previous best.

FS Boys: 10th of 15. Erik was the top CKM runner in 12:40, tying his previous PR. Jake, Alex, Riley, Tomas and Nelson all ran their fastest per mile pace by 30, 12, 11, 9 and 4 seconds/mile. Matt ran 59 seconds per mile faster than he did last year in this race.

JV Warriors: 3rd of 12. Christian was the top CKM runner with a per mile PR of 9 seconds. Xavier and Shelby also ran 14 and 11 sec/mile faster than last year and Aldo had a 4 sec/mile PR.