News and Announcements

All athletes, including incoming freshman, are strong encouraged to attend summer conditioning. We will meet Monday through Thursday at 6:30am in Land Park. Meet by the baseball fields at the corner of 13th street and 13th avenue. Athletes are required to have all their paperwork completed before they can participate. See the link above. They also need a good pair of running shoes and a water bottle for practice. A running watch is also useful.

For the Frosh/Soph girls, Camille, Paige and Lauren all had PR’s on the course. Paige wins the most improved with 1:52 faster than last race.

For the Frosh/Soph boys, Jackson, Marc, Matt, Erik and Tomas all had PR’s. Jackson wins the most improved with 1:10 faster than last race.

Varsity Girls finished 4th of 25 teams, with PR performances by Clarissa (18:56), Ashley (19:10), Sophia (20:31) and Justine (20:39). They are now #1, 2, 7 and 8 for McClatchy on the Willow Hills Course. It was also McClatchy’s fastest team time on this course.

Varsity Boys had outstanding PR performances by Jonah (16:11) and Stephen (16:26) and Mark (18:42). Jonah and Stephen are now #1 & 3 on the McClatchy all-time list.

JV Girls had PR performances by Hilda, Esmeralda, Maya and Maryn. Most improved goes to Hilda with 3:57 faster than last race on this course.

JV boys had PR performances by Aldo, Brian, Derek I, Shelby and Xavier. Most improved goes to Aldo with 4:25 faster than last meet.

Great job at Stanford this weekend!

Boys took 2nd out of 32 teams. Jonah finished 5th overall out of 259 runners in a time of 15:45. PR’s by Stephen (16:19), Derek (16:21) and Marcos (16:42) and a Team PR almost 3 minutes faster than last year.

Girls took 7th out of 32 teams. Clarissa took 3rd overall out of 226 runners in 18:10. PR’s by Ashley (19:03), Megan (20:04) and Justine (20:10) and Team PR about 50 seconds faster than last year.

Saturday, October 8th is The Other Meet at Granite Regional Park. We host this meet with Rio, so we will need parent volunteers to help collect timing chips, pass out water and to be course monitors. We need volunteers from about 8am-noon. Please let me know if you can help. Athletes should be at the meet by 8am also, so they can assist with the middle school races.

Jog-A-Thon is on Friday Oct.7. The money raised goes towards paying for entry fees to meets, uniforms, warm-ups, end of season awards, training equipment, etc. The goal is to raise $150 per athlete.

Wednesday practice is at Willow Hills, 4-6pm. Athletes, please try to coordinate your own rides up to Willow Hills. Let me know if you are unable to find a ride. Thank you parents who have been driving!

The Varsity Boys took First out of 38 teams (Jonah, Amos, Derek, Stephen, Marcos) and set a new McClatchy team time record. Jonah, Amos and Derek all ran PRs and are now #3, 5 and 11 on the McClatchy All-time list. Even more impressive considering the course is 35 meters longer now, but still recorded as 3.04 in xcstats.

Varsity Girls took 3rd out of 23 teams (Ashley, Sophia, Sydney, Megan, Justine). Justine made the McClatchy All-time list at #15 (the other girls are already on it).

Frosh/Soph Boys took 7th of 11 (Matt, Erik, Jake, Alex, Nelson). Matt led the way with a PR of 12:49 and Jake wins the most improved with a time more than 3 minutes faster than he ran on this course last year.

Frosh/Soph Girls: Camille made it on to the McClatchy All-time list at #11 with a 15:58 (Quincy is already on it at #5).

JV Boys: Results should be updated soon to include Xavier, which will put them in 3rd of 10 teams (Christian, Mark, Xavier, Brian, Shelby). Even without Xavier, they still set a McClatchy JV team time record.

JV Girls: Finished 4th of 7 and set a JV team time record (Michelle, Melanie, Maya, Maryn, Esmeralda).

Varsity Girls: 6th of 14. Clarissa had a huge PR and destroyed the CKM course record, with a converted time of 17:46. She finished 2nd overall by 0.1 seconds. Esmeralda and Justine had improvements of 23 and 40 seconds per miles over their previous races.

Varsity Boys: 2nd of 17. Jonah also had a huge PR and CKM course record of 15:44. * Amos* (16:00), Derek L. (16:16) and Marcos (16:41) also had PRs. The top 5 also broke the CKM team time record at Granite (Jonah, Amos, Derek, Stephen and Marcos).

FS Girls: Quincy and Camille led the way with 15:20.5 and 15:20.6. Quincy improved by 33 sec./mile over her time last year and Camille by 2 sec/mile over her previous best. Lauren Shintaku ran 18 sec./mile better than her last race and Paige gets the most improved with 39 sec./mile faster than her previous best.

FS Boys: 10th of 15. Erik was the top CKM runner in 12:40, tying his previous PR. Jake, Alex, Riley, Tomas and Nelson all ran their fastest per mile pace by 30, 12, 11, 9 and 4 seconds/mile. Matt ran 59 seconds per mile faster than he did last year in this race.

JV Warriors: 3rd of 12. Christian was the top CKM runner with a per mile PR of 9 seconds. Xavier and Shelby also ran 14 and 11 sec/mile faster than last year and Aldo had a 4 sec/mile PR.