Willow Hill 5 Way Recap

Posted by McClatchy Lions Cross Country /Track and Field on Sep 09 2018 at 07:25PM PDT

Great job yesterday at the Willow Hill 5 way! FS Boys took 1st place, with another 1, 2 finish by Parker and Joe W. They are now #5 and #6 on McClatchy’s all-time list for that course. Damon and Ben weren’t far behind, finishing 4th and 8th, and Fletcher rounded out the top 5 with a 19th place out of 118 runners.

The FS girls took 2nd place. Olivia led the way with a 7th place finish, followed by Larissa, Michelle, Harper, Lena.

Varsity girls were 3rd, led by an outstanding performance from Julia. She finished first with a McClatchy course record of 12:59. Justine also broke the previous record and is now #2 on the McClatchy all-time list. Clara, Camille and Megan rounded out the top 5 for McClatchy.

Varsity boy were 5th with a strong performance by Nelson. Matt made a good showing for his first race of the season, and Jackson, Colby Henry and Jake also had improved performances over last week.

Most improved performances for this week go to Jackson, Joe W., Ryan, Billie, Jake, Michelle, Adrienne, Jayden and Claire.