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Section Championships Recap

Posted by McClatchy Lions Cross Country at Nov 17, 2019 6:41PM PST

The Frosh/Soph Girls were represented by Larissa Yee and Michelle Wee, who finished 18th and 40th. Both girls ran PR’s for the course. The Frosh/Soph Boys race took three tries before they had a clean start. The Lions took 5th place, led by Jackson Wedel who ran an impressive race. He took 3rd place overall and is now 9th on McClatchy’s All-Time list for the course. After being trampled during the first start, Fletcher Lux brushed off his wounds and finished 2nd for Lions. Andrew Yee, Kai Sorensen and Joe Bogdan rounded out the top 5. The Varsity Girls were down one with an injury, but still came through with a 2nd place finish, to qualify for the State Championships. Anna McNatt led the Lions with a 4th place finish, followed by Molly Dreher in 5th. They are now #4 and #5 on McClatchy’s All-Time list for the course. Julia Heckey took 3rd for the Lions. Camille Combrink and Olivia Johnson both ran gutsy races to help the team secure the 2nd place spot. The Varsity Boys took 3rd place; good enough for medals, but unfortunately, not a trip to Fresno. Joe Wiley led the pack with a 5th place finish, qualifying as an individual for the second time. Parker Van Ostrand, Damon Lin were 2-3 for McClatchy, just 0.1s apart. Nelson McMahon and Ben Yeargain completed the top 5. Most improved for the meet goes to Jackson Wedel and Anna McNatt. Go Lions!

Subsections 2019

Posted by McClatchy Lions Cross Country at Nov 10, 2019 6:33PM PST

Frosh/Soph Girls started out the day with a 7th place finish, narrowly missing a qualifying spot by 8 points. Ellie Damian led the girls in 6th place, qualifying for Sections. Michelle Wee and Larissa Yee also qualified with a 27th and 34th place. Harper Johnston and Olivia Correia filled in the 4th and 5th spots for the Lions. The Frosh/Soph Boys followed with a 5th place finish, qualifying for Sections as a team. They were led by Jackson Wedel and Fletcher Lux in 10th and 15th place. Strong performances by Andrew Yee, Kai Sorensen and Alec Redmond helped the team earn their qualifying spot. The Varsity Girls turned in another outstanding performance, finishing 2nd as a team. They were led by Molly Dreher with a 2nd place individual finish. Julia Heckey, Anna McNatt, Olivia Johnson and Camille Combrink and were 2, 3, 4 and 5 for the Lions. The Varsity Boys also turned in an impressive performance with a 3rd place team finish, led by Joe Wiley in 4th place. Damon Lin, Nelson McMahon, Parker Van Ostrand and Ben Yeargain completed the top 5. Most improved for this week goes to Alec Redmond and Kai Sorensen. Go Lions!

Metro Championship Recap

Posted by McClatchy Lions Cross Country at Nov 1, 2019 12:12PM PDT

Clean sweep at Metro Champs! Frosh/Soph Girls started off with a first place finish by Ellie Damian and a team win with the help of Larissa Yee, Michelle Wee, Harper Johnston and Olivia Correia. The Frosh/Soph Boys followed with a 1-2-3-4 finish by Fletcher Lux, Jackson Wedel, Ryan Tang and Andrew Yee. Jackson Evans rounded out the top 5, with an 8th place overall. The Varsity Girls dominated taking the top 6 spots overall. Freshman Louie McNatt crossed the line first in 19:05, followed closely by Molly Dreher and Anna McNatt, both in in 19:06. Julia Heckey took the 4th spot. Freshman Olivia Johnson and senior Camille Combrink were 5th and 6th, both with big PRs. The Varsity Boys followed suit taking the top 4 spots, with Joe Wiley in first, followed by Damon Lin, Parker Van Ostrand and Nelson McMahon. Ben Yeargain filled in the 5th spot with a 3 mile PR. Great job from everyone! There were lots of improvements; 32 out 34 athletes had their best time for the course and many by a huge margin. Most improved goes to Trevor Tillett for taking 7 minutes and 52 seconds off his time from Metro #1! Go Lions!


Posted by McClatchy Lions Cross Country at Oct 20, 2019 4:32PM PDT

In the first race of the day, the Frosh/Soph Boys team finished in a 7th place tie with Inderkum after scoring the top 5 runners (Andrew Yee, Ryan Tang, Joe Bogdan, Jackson Evans and Kai Sorensen). The tie-breaker is the 6th runner, which went to McClatchy, thanks to Alec Redmond, who beat the Inderkum’s 6th runner by 0.04s! The Frosh/Soph Girls looked strong with a 3rd place finish. Scoring 5 were Louie McNatt, Olivia Johnson, Larissa Yee, Michelle Wee and Harper Johnston. In the Varsity Girls race, the Lions took 5th place out 15 teams, with Julia Heckey, Anna McNatt, Camille Combrink, Kary Soubinh and Claire Finney. The Varsity Boys took 13th, with Nelson McMahon, Jackson Wedel, Colby Tell, Fletcher Lux and Henry Chadwick. Go Lions!


Posted by McClatchy Lions Cross Country at Oct 13, 2019 7:08PM PDT

The Varsity Girls started off the day with an impressive 6th place finish out of 32 teams. Freshman Anna McNatt led the team with a PR of 19:06. Louie McNatt and Molly Dreher battled it out at the finish for the 2nd and 3rd spots, with a 19:13 and 19:14, respectively. Julia Heckey was 4th for McClatchy and Camille Combrink rounded out the top 5. The Varsity Boys were 24th out of 34 teams. Joe Wiley led the team, followed closely by Damon Lin and Ben Yeargain with PRs of 17:03 and 17:23. Nelson McMahon and Parker Van Ostrand were 4th and 5th for McClatchy. For the Frosh/Soph Boys, Jackson Wedel and Andrew Yee ran a PRs of 17:31 and 18:39, respectively. For the Frosh/Soph Girls, Larissa Yee was the top runner with a course PR of 22:08. Go Lions!