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Oakmont Recap

Posted by McClatchy Lions Cross Country at Sep 1, 2019 6:25PM PDT

The racing season has begun and we are off to a great start! Varsity Girls took 8th out of 16, with Molly Dreher leading the way in her first cross country meet ever. Camille Combrink, Astrid Sanchez, Kary Soubinh and Clara McNatt rounded out the top 5. Varsity Boys were 5th of 26 teams, lead by Joe Wiley, followed closely by Parker Van Ostrand. Damon Lin and Nelson McMahon were 3rd and 4th for McClatchy and Ben Yeargain was 5th. The frosh/soph boys took 6th of 14. Jackson Wedel, also in his first cross country race was 1st for McClatchy, with Fletcher Lux only a fraction of a second behind. Other scorers for McClatchy were Ryan Tang, Andrew Yee and Tait de Boer. The frosh/soph girls took 5th of 17 teams, and their top runner was Louie McNatt in 3rd place overall out of 189 runners. She was followed by Anna McNatt, Michelle Wee, Olivia Correia and Larissa Yee. Both frosh/soph teams ran the fastest team times for McClatchy on the Maidu Park course, since we started running it 2016. Finally, we had a lot of improvements; 100% athletes who ran this meet last year improved their times, with most improved going to Kary Soubinh who took 2:06 off her time and Ryan Tang for the boys who dropped 1:29. Go Lions!

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Team Long Run

Posted by McClatchy Lions Cross Country at Jul 12, 2019 7:38AM PDT

We will meet at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, Saturday July, 13th at 7am for a long run around Lake Natoma.

We are having a BBQ on Sunday June 16th to kicik-off summer conditioning. Drinks and hot dogs will be provided. Please bring a side dish to share. Bring a swimsuit/towel if you want to swim. Email Coach Watkins for location. Conditioning will start the following morning@ 6:30am @ McClatchy.

Willow Hill 5 Way Recap

Posted by McClatchy Lions Cross Country at Sep 9, 2018 7:25PM PDT

Great job yesterday at the Willow Hill 5 way! FS Boys took 1st place, with another 1, 2 finish by Parker and Joe W. They are now #5 and #6 on McClatchy’s all-time list for that course. Damon and Ben weren’t far behind, finishing 4th and 8th, and Fletcher rounded out the top 5 with a 19th place out of 118 runners.

The FS girls took 2nd place. Olivia led the way with a 7th place finish, followed by Larissa, Michelle, Harper, Lena.

Varsity girls were 3rd, led by an outstanding performance from Julia. She finished first with a McClatchy course record of 12:59. Justine also broke the previous record and is now #2 on the McClatchy all-time list. Clara, Camille and Megan rounded out the top 5 for McClatchy.

Varsity boy were 5th with a strong performance by Nelson. Matt made a good showing for his first race of the season, and Jackson, Colby Henry and Jake also had improved performances over last week.

Most improved performances for this week go to Jackson, Joe W., Ryan, Billie, Jake, Michelle, Adrienne, Jayden and Claire.

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Lagoon Valley Recap

Posted by McClatchy Lions Cross Country at Sep 3, 2018 8:57AM PDT

Great job this weekend at Lagoon Valley! We had some outstanding performances.

Julia won the Frosh/Soph Girls race by over a minute and set a McClatchy record for that course. She is now #3 on the Lagoon Valley All-Time List (That’s for all schools, not just McClatchy). She led the team (Julia, Olivia, Katie, Larissa, Michelle) to a 4th place finish out of 19 teams. Katie wins most improved, with 1:44 faster than last year.

The Frosh/Soph Boys also set some records. The team (Parker, Joe W., Damon, Ben, Sam) took 2nd place out of 27, led by Parker in 1st place with a new McClatchy sophomore record and Joe W. in 2nd with a McClatchy freshman record. Parker, Joe and Damon all made the top 10 list for McClatchy, at #3, #5 and #7. Most improved goes to Sam, with 1:51 faster than last year. Other improvements over last year were Ben 1:28, Damon 1:23 and Parker 0:47.

The Varsity Girls (Justine, Clara, Camille, Astrid, Adrienne) were 7th of 13 teams. Justine led the way in 15th place. She and Clara both made the McClatchy top 10 list at #4 and #10.

The top performance in the Freshmen Boys division was by Ryan, with a 13:58 and the Varsity Boys top runner was Nelson, with an 18:01. Great job everyone!